Sunday, August 3, 2008

Homemade Pizza

I threw this together this morning because I was curious as to how well the basic master bread recipe I use would hold up as pizza dough. I'm not even going to include a detailed recipe because everyone knows how to make pizza, right? Basically I took the standard 1 lb. french boule dough, rolled it out into something resembling a circle, topped it with tomato sauce, crushed dry basil and oregano, pepperoni, and colby jack cheese (this was leftover pizza). I was trying for a thin to moderate crust pizza, but it kind of exploded into a deep dish.

Total preparation time ~ 10 minutes. I cooked it on super parchment, on my baking stone for about 20 minutes at 450 degrees.

The high moisture dough of the french boule is fairly hard to work with, and you need to flour your pizza peel, and the top of the dough heavily or its going to stickto the rolling pin and everything else. It also rises fairly high even if you keep it thin, and roll out the existing air pockets. It's certainly not ideal pizza dough, but it was delicious...delcious, much better than I expected from a throw together pizza using spare near-expired ingredients. I'm sure with a few modifications you could make truly amazing pizza with the basic boule dough.

7/10 - Absolutely will make again.

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